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Nerding out on film – summary

A few days ago, I suffered a brain fart that led to writing three articles about predominantly working with black & white films, but it isn’t clear from the main post titles which article is about what.

So… here’s the summary:
Nerding out on film 1 is about how to handle contrast — subject contrast, your film’s dynamic range, and what you can do to make sure it’s going to fit).

Nerding out on film 2 came about when it turned out that a handful of people were triggered to start doing their own film development, but found the idea intimidating. The article aims at addressing and alleviating any FUD (fears, uncertainties and doubts), and essentially at getting you started.

Nerding out on film 3 is all about how to measure light, and how to interpret the numbers in such a way that you aren’t unpleasantly surprised by what the camera decides to come up with in terms of exposure values. It does refer to the Zone System, but it’s a simplified, practical application. It also explains why sometimes, the auto exposure system of a camera can throw you a curveball, and it tells you how to avoid this.

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