About (… is this really necessary?)

This was supposed to show a pic of me.I’m just a coder/amateur photographer, living in the sticks in the middle of The Netherlands. As you can see, I’m old, grey, cantankerous, boring, and generally no fun. So… get off my lawn! 😉
I hope my blog will be more interesting. I speak (and blog in) Dutch, English, C#, Irony and Sarcasm.

I like to code (which is a Good Thing™ because that’s what I do for a living). I think well-crafted code reads like logic poetry.
I like to read and write about coding.

I like to post the occasional picture, and sometimes I like to rant about things that interest me — or tick me off (usually the latter).
I’m addicted to music (passively only these days). I’m very partial to jazz (Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Allan Holdsworth), which generally irritates most people around me.

I like cooking. I’m not chef material or anything, but I like to cook, and I’m learning as I go. You’ll probably find the odd recipe here… usually variations on a recipe I found somewhere. A fair share of these will be in Dutch.

I hate hotels, and I wouldn’t want to be found dead in a caravan. I love the outdoors.

Oh, yes, I am a bit of a Citrophile. Apart from the Xantia, the C6 and the SM, I’ve owned at least one sample of each hydropneumatically-suspended Citroën.

Yup, I think that’s pretty much it. Boring… but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Winking smile

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