SanDisk’s way of keeping a customer happy. It works.

20171226_141309So… I have this 240GB SanDisk portable USB 3.0 SSD. A wonderfully useful thing. Lightweight and compact, and yet it allowed me to run a Hyper-V development environment off it when hooked up to a USB3 port on my work laptop, so I could keep a legacy development environment alive, to support the legacy product from the company I worked for. It also consumes very little power, so I can hook it up to my tablet, to create the functionality of an image tank to store photos on when I’m vacationing.
I chose this one because of SanDisk’s reputation for robustness.

Somewhere in September last year, it wouldn’t connect to my computer. So I unplugged the cable… at both ends.
Unfortunately, this resulted in the chassis connector coming out of the SSD drive with the cable.

I uttered some expletives, and then forgot about it… until, by the end of December, I was clearing out my desk and found it.
I decided to fire off an email to SanDisk customer support, including the photo on the right.

They reacted the next day with an email stating that they regretted my misfortune, including:

  • the offer to replace it with a 480GB device.
  • instructions on how to (and formal permission to) disassemble the device to hook it up to a SATA cable, to recover the data stored on it.
  • a UPS address label to return the remains to their European service agency, postage paid by them.

I returned it to them in a bubble wrap envelope. A week later, the replacement hard disk (as promised, 480GB instead of 240GB) arrives. No data was lost in the process.

This is how you keep a customer happy. Thank you, SanDisk.

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