… rain? What rain?

If you’re in the Netherlands, this post’s title is supposedly hard to swallow.
We’ve had some rain on Monday evening and during the night. More than a drizzle, but no huge quantities. It started after we had gone in for the night, and it stopped again before we woke up on Tuesday morning. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the weather’s been brilliant, and today, it’s been hot (>30). It’s been a dry heat, but still.

We’ve seen some beautiful evening skies


some nice buildings


some that were beyond repair


and today, because it would be too hot in the sun, we decided to take a hike in the Hainich, a dense, natural deciduous forest that borders our campground.


As long as you would stay in the shade, it was very nice.

Tomorrow morning will be the start of another hot day, but the forecast says that by the end of the afternoon or the early evening, the rain will reach the middle of Germany. So, we’ll break camp tomorrow morning (which will allow us to pack our stuff, and fold our trailer tent, dry), and then head back, to arrive home in the late afternoon.

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