Yes… ten years ago (on 20 06 2006), Janny said yes to me. Or actually, to the minister in Killin, Scotland, in a small chapel on the banks of Loch Tay, to his question if she would fancy marrying me.

20062016 started out as a gorgous day.


When you are in the Netherlands, it’s probably hard to believe, but it stayed like that all day long. We learnt later that, 400 kms to our west, it pissed down all day… but here, the rain only started at 21:30. At four in the afternoon, the first signs that a change was coming could be seen, so that came as no surprise. Right now, it’s pissing down consistently. Which is fine – the tent has already proven to be 100% waterproof, and also this means that it’s not going to get cold tonight. Last night was really cold… which is fine in our decent sleeping bag, but it also means that, at 7 am, it’s still fairly nippy. If we are really really lucky, by the time we wake up tomorrow, all this will have passed and the weather will be fine again.
One can always hope. 😉

Anyway, since Janny threw her back out yesterday, we did not expect to be really active today. We did have to do some shopping (remember we were fresh out of salt and spices?), so we headed for a town called Bad Langensalza, which supposedly had a choice of supermarkets.

Bad Langensalza was actually a lot bigger (and nicer) than we had expected — not that we had reason to expect anything but supermarkets, so a traditional German town with its city centre intact was a pleasant surprise.


We took a stroll through the centre, which was not as ‘raped’ by commerce as the Celle centre that we visited two days earlier. Some of it was really nice… well-kept, and most of the renovations were done with at least a minimum of taste. The glass front in the traditional Fachwerk house below is not screaming for attention.


It’s interesting to see how some of the longer beams follow the shape of the tree from which they were cut, and how the granite slab under the lowest beam follows the shape of the beam.

We also made sure that our stroll included some of the less touristic bits of town…


This facade could probably use some TLC. As you can see by the curtains, and the brand new lock, this place is actually inhabited.

It did get worse… this door hasn’t been used for a long time.


Somewhere else, the integration between old and new has not been wholly successful. I sense a smouldering architectural conflict at the roof level.


As Janny’s back was giving in, we concluded our visit with a cup of coffee and a light snack.


We do intend to come back here later this week, when Janny is feeling better.

After a quick visit to the Netto supermarket, where the staff treated us (and everyone else) with an attitude that lingered between depression and contempt, we returned to the camp site to laze around the tent, and feast on a home-prepped meal with barbecued meat and a fantasy salad, which was fine, accompanied by a Chianti of 2.30 euro, which tasted like… a Chianti of 2.30 Euro, really.

There’s nothing like listening to the sound of rain falling on a cotton tent roof and thinking that there’s nothing to worry about. Tomorrow morning, we’ll see whether that is justified.

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