Of a disappointing town, and of new surroundings

Did I say that Friday was the worst day up to then, weather-wise? … yes, I did.

Turns out Saturday had heard that, and it did not want to let Friday get away with that. The day started off with a dreary, drab, uniformly grey sky, from which water was leaking steadily. This lasted all morning, and it soaked the grass, the tent, and the general atmosphere.
So… we decided to visit Celle.
On going there, I regretted that I had forgotten my camera. That would change later on. Celle’s Wikipedia entry tells us that the old, historic centre has been spared during World War II’s bombardments. What it doesn’t tell us is that this historic centre has been thoroughly raped afterwards, by local commerce. 90% of it has been turned into a  buying gutter on the ground floor, which creates a horrible, unresolved dissonant with the (mostly historic) facades from the first floor up.

Celle also has a castle. Its construction has started in the 12th century, but most of it is High Baroque, and quite sugary.


The back of the castle shows some period inconsistency (which is to be expected), but most of it is a bit too rich to my taste. Welcome to Germany, I suspect. I have to admit I like the castle that is my workplace (Kasteel Nederhorst) a lot better as a building. Less showy, more honest.

Luckily the rain had stopped in the afternoon. It still wasn’t pretty, but at least some of the time we could do without our jackets.

We did manage to find Janny a pair of very nice shoes, though.

On our trip home, we went into Lidl to buy us the ingredients for a pasta meal. No prefab stuff, everything fresh from the veggies dept. The only canned stuff I used was tomato paste and ham. One of the things I have bought for our camping trips is a small chef’s knife. Nothing fancy, just a standard knife from (somewhat softer) European steel with a 20 degree cut. On cutting up the onions and the paprika I noticed that this is overdue for some sharpening. Remind me to do that when I get home…

Anyway, I cut the stuff up (onion, paprika, zucchini, ham, and some other stuff) and fired up the Safari Chef to fry things up a bit, only to discover that we had managed to not bring the salt and spices. Oh well.
I added a healthy dose of the red wine we bought at Lidl: a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon at the staggering price of… ONE euro fourty nine. Yes, you read that right. For a standard 70 cl bottle. I have to admit that, much to my amazement, this is actually drinkable stuff. In terms of value for money, it is right up  there with the ” vin de table” that you can buy when camping in France!
Anyway, the pasta was tastier than expected.

Today, we decided to pack up and move south. We are now at a camping outside Weberstedt, a cul-de-sac to the southeast of Kassel. Hilly country, and our camp site — and in fact our tent — overlooks a valley.


It is a small, very (and I mean VERY) quiet camp site.
We are still improving our setting-this-thing-up skills. Despite the fact that the ground we are on is not particularly level (which complicates setting up the living tent), and despite the fact that Janny had managed to pull a muscle in her back when packing up this morning, which limits her mobility, it took us almost 24 minutes.

It is now 23:20, and the sky in the west is still dark red at the bottom.
This picture was made 2 hours earlier:


Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day. Dry, sunny, 24 degrees. Since tomorrow is our 10th anniversary, that would be most pleasant. I do not plan to do any cooking tomorrow; there should be some fine restaurants nearby.

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