Cooking On Gas

Should you ever go on a camping vacation to Germany and your equipment relies on a supply of Campingaz (the exchangeable blue 3kg or 5kg containers that accept a threaded pressure regulator), be sure to bring enough – it is NOT available in Germany. We found one store that had them, but the price was extortionate. As a result, campings do not stock them.

For our kitchen, we had a nearly full container, which I trust will last throughout the vacation, but for the Cadac Safari Chef, we didn’t. We ended up buying a 5 kg refillable propane container and a new regulator yesterday. In itself, that’s a good buy – the refills are a lot cheaper than Campingaz refills. But it’s not usable inside the kitchen of our Combi Camp trailer tent, as even the smallest propane container is too high to fit under the sink, and a Campingaz 5kg container fits in there snugly. So if that one’s finished, we’ll end up doing all our cooking on the Cadac 😉
Which we did for the first time yesterday evening, using the thing as a barbecue. It did require me to visit the Winsen DIY store as the propane guy in Celle had sold me the wrong hose.

These Safari Chef thingies are genius, by the way. Packed, it’s the size of a small tom (that’s part of a drum kit for the uninitiated), and it contains a very decent burner that is capable of getting things hot enough to do a good steak, a grill net, a baking plate, and a big deep pan to prepare one-pot meals. The more recent Safari Chef 2 has non-stick cooking surfaces too. The one we’re using now is borrowed off Alette and Matthijs, but I am thinking of, at one point, getting the non-stick version for ourselves. Remind me to post a photo of this thing tomorrow…

Today was the worst day up to now, weather-wise. Again, the day started out sunny and warm, but quite soon, dark, grey stuff started to appear to our southwest, accompanied by ominous noises.


For a while, it seemed as if this would slip by southeast, and indeed most of it did. We spent half an hour admiring the view (and the noise – nothing beats distant thunder when camping)…


… but at one point it started to edge us, and we were driven inside the hab that is our trailer tent.
The good news was it didn’t last long, but the bad news is it was on repeat for a couple times – until 16:00 or thereabouts. We used this as an excuse to have an Ultimately Lazy Day At The Site, of which we have at least one each vacation. We enjoyed the spells in between to laze in the warm sun, and the rainy spells to laze inside the hab reading a book (okay, on our e-readers. And yes, I re-read Andy Weir’s book. Hence the Hab-references).

Oh…one more tip. You know how wet socks can be a bother when camping?
Well, not for me.
I’ve had Nomad hiking socks before, and liked them because they last for years, even when used daily and washed hundreds of times. Recently, I threw the last pair out because they caved in after something like six years of heavy use.
Recently, Albert Heyn had them on offer for 10 euros for three pairs. I bought 12 pairs.
I’m not sure what they do to these socks… but I’m sure NASA is involved or something. Even when they are definitely damp on the outside when you put them on, they immediately feel dry on your feet. Sock-wise, this is the Best Buy Ever. Added advantage: as soon as you put your shoes on, they look like regular plain grey or blue dress socks. 

Tonight, someone is apparently organising a party at the other side of the river. There is a stream of bad music coming our way, so I am writing this with a headset emanating Not This Time. It is now approaching midnight; I hope they’ll be done soon.

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