First full camping day

The first night in the trailer tent is always a somewhat uneasy one (much like the first night in a hotel, but different). Yet, I woke up this morning to a bright, sunny sky, and at around 7:45 am I was enjoying my first morning coffee in full sunshine.


Janny, however, woke up to a cloudy sky (considerably later), and soon, from the south, a steady rain came in and took hold of the camp ground for about 45 minutes.

When the sky had cleared again, we had breakfast, relaxed a bit, and then departed to pay some friends in Bucken a visit. Again, the weather held up beautifully – at one point, it did get somewhat cloudy, but only briefly.
This is the local security officer overseeing the proceedings in the swimming pool.


After having enjoyed the generous hospitality (and the quirky sense of humour of our hosts) and after having been made sufficiently jealous with the house, the pool (and the substantial quantity of luxurious bass guitars… there was one in particular that made me really have to make an effort not to pick it out of the rack), and after having spent a substantial amount on an absolutely gorgeous quilt made by Dof, we headed back to the campground, stopping halfway to get ourselves some dinner ingredients.

After dinner in front of the tent, we watched a rather spectacular display of atmospheric disarray.


It took about an hour for the weather to make up its mind and rain down on our tent, in which we were enjoying a game of cards. 

Right now (11 pm), in the distance, a sound can be heard which we initially associated with fireworks, but there was nothing to be seen… until suddenly, I remembered that, in the late 70’s, when I was in the military, we were at a fairly large NATO shooting range near Celle (a town nearby), which was also used for fairly heavy stuff such as the 90mm Oerlikon guns atop the M113. So that explains that. 
Time to do the same thing as I did almost fourty years ago: lie down and sleep through it (at a much greater distance this time).

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