We postponed leaving for our camping vacation with a day… and then with another day because of the dismal weather predition for where we were going, but today we decided to throw all meteorological considerations to the wind, and leave anyway.

Just past Zwolle, we picked up a hitch hiker who was headed for Dresden; we gave him a good swing to just before Hannover. He had never heard of Sebastiaan Cornelissen; after a couple hours in the car, he now has, and he wanted to know more. 🙂


At around 17:30, we arrived at the camp site we had aimed for, and, believe it or not, the weather was gorgeous. In a full sun, we unpacked and set up the trailer tent, and 25 minutes later, we enjoyed our traditional “all-set-up-we’re-done” beer.

We had a lttle bit of rain as we were having dinner – just a drizzle, although we did hear some rumbling in the distance to the east of us. Apparently, I still have this thing that causes bad weather to avoid me. 🙂

It’s half past nine and we’re pretty drowsy now. Guess we’ll turn in early. Tomorrow, we will probably be paying a visit to some friends in Bucken.

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