Yet Another Alternative for The Blue F

A week or so ago, I stumbled over tsū (don’t worry, you can spell it tsu), which is, much like Ello, an alternative to The Book Of Faces, or the Big Blue F-word.

It’s not the same as Ello, though. It’s less pretentious, and, more importantly, it works like a charm, in a browser as well as with the Android app.
Also, the Android App doesn’t come with four (FOUR) pages of permissions it will claim (like the Blue F does).

But also, tsū claims that, if your posts create ad revenue, they are actually going to reimburse you for it! There have already been (unverified by yours truly) reports of people cashing in on this, but these seem exaggerated. I don’t think you can retire on it.
For me, that is utterly unimportant – my rants won’t generate much traffic. But it would mean that, if you are, say, an artist, and you attract sufficient views, you can actually make some money off this.
Update: don’t expect much off this. It sure as hell won’t cover your retirement.

Funny thing: it seems to attract quite some attention. Mainly photographers, graphic artists, the odd musician.
Anyway: I’ll have to do some more digging around.

The really funny part is: Facebook seems to be really, really worried about these guys. Try posting a link to in a Facebook post and see what happens:

If Facebook wants to make itself unpopular with the geek community, this is the sort of crap that will make them succeed.

I’m hoping that this doesn’t go the same route as Ello. But since tsū is less pretentious (and therefore less intimidating), and it actually works very well, this might have a decent chance.
Currently, they only accept new members by invitation.
If you read this, and you know me, consider yourself invited (click).

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