Peter + Transym OCR versus The World: For The Win!

Oh yes. Ooh yes. Oooooh yessss. This is what I wanted to be capable of doing: getting a scan result in a viewer, selecting an area in the scan result, and then OCR that area, to get the result in the selected text box control. <*fist pump*>


Concept proven; mission accomplished.

Please note that Transym OCR is still confused about the lower case l (L for Lima) embedded in a bunch of characters that are digits being a lower case l, not a 1. I can’t blame it – I have yet to come across an OCR engine south of 5000 euros that can sort this out reliably.

Jeez, I’m good!*
On to the next hurdle. There are quite a few that need to be taken – the most important one is that the PictureBox control doesn’t let you zoom. Google is usually my friend, but all solutions it comes up with imply resizing the original bitmap to a size to fit the picture box – which will NOT help OCR one bit!

But: I have now proven that Transym OCR does everything I want it to do for my application! I have now got it to the point where it covers all must-haves. There are quite a few nice-to-haves that were not available to me when I was using Microsoft MODI, such as confidence (a property of the OCR result that indicates how sure the engine is that it’s got it right), which I could use to colour-code automatically-indexed fields. But first, I am going to concentrate on replicating the functionality that I had.

*) every programmer has to say this to himself or herself every now and then. The rest of the world has no idea what you’re doing, and how hard it is. Winking smile

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