Today’s partial solar eclipse–proof that it happened! ;-)

Right then. Today, we were supposed to see a partial solar eclipse. We were told yesterday that it would most likely be clear skies, so we would be lucky. Zonsverd.... dikkie!
Here’s what we did get to see: various shades of gray (yes… I know. Spare me the pun. Life has become hard enough for us black&white photographers as it is).
The red arrow points to where approximately the sun would have been visible. So, that was a letdown.

I did, however, get some evidence. We have a little weather station on our roof, that measures solar input as well. Here’s the graph for this morning:

Eclipse 20-03-2015

The pink line shows the solar input as it would have been on a perfectly clear morning. The yellow line shows the actual input.
See the dip starting at 09:40, and reaching the bottom at 10:35-ish? There you have it! Proof of today’s solar eclipse! Remember: you read it here first. Winking smile

Funny detail: the solar input in watts per square meter plummets dramatically, from more than 100 to approximately 20. But we did not perceive it as such – I thought it did get noticeably darker, but not 80% darker! The graph shows how much our senses fool us: in fact, at around 10:35, it was about as dark as it was three hours earlier!

It would be interesting to see if that would also show up in the outside temperature. Let’s have a look:

And there it is. With about half an hour’s delay, as you’d expect.
In this graph, it looks a bit more dramatic than it is, due to the graph resolution on the Y-axis, but it’s still there.
So… if you missed it like we did here in Waarder, just take a look at these two graphs to relive the moment.
It’s debatable whether it’s worth it to save this for posterity, though. Smile

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