Peter versus Transym OCR: 2-0

As of today, the DnlCore.Shared library contains an OCR namespace.
There is not much that is exposed to the outside world yet. It contains one method: ScanAndOcrDocument. It will fire up the TWAIN interface to a TWAIN scanner  and ask for a stack of paper to be scanned (note how this supports an automatic sheet feeder to scan multiple pages),

and when it’s done doing that, it will return a string containing the OCR result of the entire document.


It (using the DnlCore.Shared.OCR.Engine library) doesn’t get any harder than this. Of course, now we will need to be able to create scans of selected regions from the document. The only challenge there is to get a selected area in a viewer to be available as a System.Drawing.Bitmap… which won’t be rocket science.
I am definitely on to something very, very good with this Transym OCR engine! Open-mouthed smile

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