Peter versus Transym TOCR: 1-0

So… after having downloaded and reviewed the Transym TOCR documentation and samples, I discovered something “interesting” – the Transym OCR API is not a .NET API, or even a COM API, but a standard, Win32-style API. There is not much isolation, which makes it incredibly powerful, but also quite intimidating.

Tonight, I have abstracted the functionality into a separate class library that I can now call from my test program without too much ado. I may even go ahead and do a .NET wrapper around that. I’m not overly worried about the performance penalty, as for me this is essentially going to work within a desktop application, and furthermore the performance penalty is negligible in the context of the OCR process. I can the either tweak the workings of the old-style API class to suit my needs, or make it configurable (either from an app.config or by creating overrides).

The class library seems to work: I can scan a document from a TWAIN source and load the results into a viewer. Up to this point, the results are so good that I am wondering why this OCR engine doesn’t get more exposure… for OCR’ing machine type, its value for money is spectacular!

That’s enough for today – midnight is approaching. Time to hit the sack.

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