We have unofficially moved!

After almost 17 years in our house near Cothen, it began to feel increasingly unpleasant over the last weeks. We had already moved quite a bit of stuff over (at one point I wanted to get a slice of bread, only to find out that there was nothing to put on it). Chairs, desks, my audio gear… at one point, there wasn’t even a chair behind my makeshift desk.
Sennapoes had been living in a house out of which stuff continued to disappear, and he had no idea why. Plus we would both be away from the early morning until well after sunset. It was clear that he was bewildered…

SONY DSCSo, on Christmas Eve, with the wonderful help of Hermen and Martine, we pushed a bed, a couch, two chairs, two tables and myself plus Sennapoes in a truck, and a coffee machine, a TV, and some other essentials in the Citroën, and drove to Waarder.

We have unofficially moved – we live in Waarder now! It’s still a mess, but it is our mess! Smile



Sennapoes seems to be adjusting fairly well. As soon as he discovered the couch, he laid himself down on it, not to come off for several hours, but late that evening he came over to inspect his food, and to find the litter bin. Today, he spent most of his time in the conservatory (on the second chair from the right in the picture). He hasn’t done the run of the house yet.

Janny is now on the couch watching telly, and I am upstairs writing this while listening to some Débussy. SONY DSC
Computers as well as all tv and audio gear is fully functional both on the ground floor as well as on the second floor.

We are still planning to pick up the remainder of the stuff on a couple truck runs on Saturday. Let’s hope the weather cooperates… the current outlook is not very bright.


Life may now slowly return to normal, please. We could do with some settling down.

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