Does Philae have a personality?


Randall Munroe, of xkcd fame, seems to have an uncanny ability/tendency to attach a personality to robotic devices such as the comet lander named Philae and the carrying vessel named Rosetta.
Take a look at the recorded “live stream” (done in real time) at to see what I mean.

imageAnd it’s not the first time he did that.

A few years ago, he jerked many an unexpected tear on the Internet when he posted his story about Spirit, the Mars Rover.

When you realise that his job at NASA had to do with robotics engineering and programming, it suddenly starts to make sense. It’s the same thing as me attributing personality traits to the cat that cuddles up in my lap at least once a day.
Randall’s devices just want to be loved. It may take a rocket scientist to understand rocket science, but it does not take a rocket scientist to understand rocket scientists.

And that’s a good thing. There should be more love.