Office 365 Consumer Preview (aka Office 2013)

I have to admit that my first look at Office 365 has left me fairly impressed – and hugely relieved.

I was thinking that Office 365 would require you to be online, what with it being a cloud application. Apparently, this is not the case. There may well be a cloud installation scenario, but I am currently running Word 2013 offline, editing this blog post like I used to do in Windows Live Writer.

My first impression is that Word 2013 as an offline blog post editor replaces Windows Live Writer 2011 perfectly well – and puts it to shame in a few areas.

I probably have to add to that that I installed it on the Samsung NC10 netbook (running the Windows 8 release preview, on a humble Atom processor and a measly 2 gb RAM), and that, for all practical purposes, it is just as snappy as Windows Live Writer is on the same machine.

And much to my surprise, Outlook 2013 works just as snappy as Windows Live Mail 2011 does – and it also connects to my Exchange Server! J

I only took a *very* brief look at Excel (which I like) and PowerPoint (which I loathe because it’s a presenter, which is an alien concept to a coder), but they seem to be just as happy on this humble machine as Word and Outlook are.

I hesitate to say this… but I’m impressed.

I will advise my beloved and the grandmother of my grandchildren (who is one and the same person) to install this software. Since she is also a seasoned sysadmin with decades of experience, who can (and will) run rings around me when it comes to policing and supporting corporate ICT environments, I know I should be careful. But I’m still goi—

[insert wife-coming-home non-maskable interrupt here]

… as a matter of fact, she just came home, and I’ve just done it. Turns out that her company has been running Office 365 beta’s for some time. She’s not opposed to the idea. J

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